For the love of bruschetta… and breakfast

Out and About, The Daily Feeds

“What should I have this time?” I thought out loud as we pulled up in front of Kafe Krave in Windsor yesterday for a Wednesday morning feed. A laugh in my face and an “Oh yeah I wonder what you’ll get.” was the sarcastic response I got from Jack.

“Hey now, maybe I’ll get something different this time!”

“Yeah and it’s raining today” (It was a fabulously sunny day).

“Okay, oh man… Yeah. You’re right. I’ll probably get the breakfast bruschetta again.”

And I did.

And it was delicious as always, of course.

Breakfast bruschetta is something I simply cannot resist.

It just makes a very happy coco. A tomato, onion, sourdough, avocado, egg and haloumi filled coco.


Kafe Krave does it well. They give you HUGE pieces of sourdough and cover them in fresh tomato, Spanish onion and olive oil. Then, they lob a chunk of some the greenest, ripest avocados I’ve seen and top it off with cracked pepper. A feast in itself. I was after an even more breakfast-like-bruschetta yesterday so I added haloumi and poached eggs. A good, good choice. The eggs were perfectly cooked and the haloumi was stacked tall and wide.

Jack ordered classic crispy bacon and poached eggs with a roasted tomato (which, may I point out, he ordered last time as well hmmmmm).

With flat whites and chocolate milkshakes all round, I’d say we had a pretty damn good start to our hump day.

Holla at me if you know any places in Brisbane with breakfast bruschetta. I’m on the hunt for the best.