And the winner is…


Me. Definitely me.

The winner of what you ask? The laziest food blogger you’ve ever seen. Go me! Many a meal has been eaten and none has so much seen the inside of a draft blog post, all because I didn’t think to myself in all the hours I’ve spent bored on holidays to write about all the fabulous food I’ve eaten in the last four months. Oops.

It’s a new year now though so it’s time to get back on track (Let’s see how long this lasts).

Wish me luck y’all!






Welcome to my sweet, savoury, creamy, spicy, crunchy, fruity and zesty little blog.

My name is Coco, or the vacuum cleaner as some of my friends like to call me for the way I eat absolutely everything I can as fast as possible without leaving a single crumb left. This blog is where I will let my love of food loose. I’ll show the simple stuff I cook at home and the fancy stuff I eat when I’m out and about.

Hope you love the food as much as I do!