Peanut butter caramel Before Anyone Else

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Friends or food?

Friends and food.

When your friends are food you’re winning… Or losing?

Only kidding.

I have friends and I have food and I love them both equally.

Which is why I get so excited when my nearest and dearest friends call for picnics in gardens with me. We eat, laugh and gossip with the safety of knowing we have the guaranteed discretion of the foliage and birds (the only living things around). 
For yesterday’s excursion, it was requested that I bake something delicious.

I think I picked pretty well.

KNOCK YOU NAKED COOKIE BARS.11911847_10200745456034349_1860186078_n


Never have I ever given these to anyone* who hasn’t wanted another piece. Ever.

Not even the Australian wildlife of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens could resist these beauties. There we were, munching, minding our own business, when a ferocious, dog-sized Kookaburra swooped in, fangs out, and snatched my friend’s half-eaten cookie bar straight out of her hand. Admittedly, it was as ferocious as a Kookaburra can be (which is not much), had no fangs (that we could see) and was the size of a Kookaburra-sized dog (so, normal size), but made the loss no less painful. I hope he got a tummy ache.

‘Knock You Naked’ cookie bars are pretty much just peanut buttery caramel cooked between two slabs of chocolate chip cookie. I used the recipe from to make mine and let me tell you, this lady knows her treats. Here’s the download of her recipe (all hers):{89DF9988-C6DA-41A7-BC21-AAAC364807CB}

The sides are chewy and the centre is super soft and gooey. They are the all-rounders of the slice world.

Heads up: this is definitely a treat where one must ignore its millions of calories. If you ask me though, ‘Knock You Naked’ cookie bars are worth ignoring any future side effects** one may or may not (but probably will) be subject to.

I should also note at this point, that no one has ever been knocked naked from these bars, in my presence at least, thank goodness.

Seriously though, try them. You won’t regret it.

(*vegans and chocolate, caramel, peanut butter haters excluded – I don’t know any of these kinds of people)

(**flabby bits)


For the love of bruschetta… and breakfast

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“What should I have this time?” I thought out loud as we pulled up in front of Kafe Krave in Windsor yesterday for a Wednesday morning feed. A laugh in my face and an “Oh yeah I wonder what you’ll get.” was the sarcastic response I got from Jack.

“Hey now, maybe I’ll get something different this time!”

“Yeah and it’s raining today” (It was a fabulously sunny day).

“Okay, oh man… Yeah. You’re right. I’ll probably get the breakfast bruschetta again.”

And I did.

And it was delicious as always, of course.

Breakfast bruschetta is something I simply cannot resist.

It just makes a very happy coco. A tomato, onion, sourdough, avocado, egg and haloumi filled coco.


Kafe Krave does it well. They give you HUGE pieces of sourdough and cover them in fresh tomato, Spanish onion and olive oil. Then, they lob a chunk of some the greenest, ripest avocados I’ve seen and top it off with cracked pepper. A feast in itself. I was after an even more breakfast-like-bruschetta yesterday so I added haloumi and poached eggs. A good, good choice. The eggs were perfectly cooked and the haloumi was stacked tall and wide.

Jack ordered classic crispy bacon and poached eggs with a roasted tomato (which, may I point out, he ordered last time as well hmmmmm).

With flat whites and chocolate milkshakes all round, I’d say we had a pretty damn good start to our hump day.

Holla at me if you know any places in Brisbane with breakfast bruschetta. I’m on the hunt for the best.


Oh my mama, you are good…

The Daily Feeds, The master


Lunch for the favourite child yesterday was a home-made creation of bacon, potato, broccoli and tasty Mersey Valley cheese soup with toasted Turkish bread and marinated feta. They say soup is a sharing sort of food but this one was too good to be left for the family vultures or “my brother” and “Dad” as others like to call them.

I’ve hidden the leftovers.

Try me boys.

Le maison de coco breakfast staple.

My works of art if you will..., The Daily Feeds

The day I decided I would throw some berries and coconut on my muesli with some milk was transcendent.  A big word for such a simple brekkie I know, but this is just one of those things that tickle my taste buds in a way that I will just never get sick of. There have been too many times where I have grown tired of having corn flakes and honey or Vegemite and butter on toast day after day as much as I love those classics. With this vamped up cereal though, too much of a good thing just isn’t possible when even the smallest changes can make it into a whole new breakfast every day with every bite.

I can try new muesli or switch them around with granola if I feel like it. Carman’s, Table of Plenty, Lowan, Uncle Toby’s, Hubbard’s, Jordan’s, Five:AM. I’ve tried them all. All are equally delicious and deliver just the right amount of satisfaction you want for your breakfast on any old normal day.

I’ll switch my toppings around too when I’m down for it. Add some banana or almonds for an extra kick of energy on a big day or mango in the summer when they are oh so juicy and fine. I always keep the blueberries though. You can never go wrong with blueberries fresh or frozen (unless they’re from good old Nanna’s 😮 ).

I know what you’re thinking, ‘this girl must just really, really love muesli with some random stuff thrown on top’ and I do, oh man, I do. But starting your day with something that satisfies, makes you feel good, is quick and easy to make and tastes delicious not your ultimate breakfast goal?  Well that’s mine and this little bowl of deliciousness ticks every box, every day. Get on it.