Halong Bay: If you can’t beat the likelihood of food poisoning, then you should really just enjoy it while you can.

Not One Crumb Left Takes Asia

If you like combining five different types of raw meats together on one plate, then Vietnamese hot pot is for you! Yep, you’ve got your chicken, beef, squid, clams and 2 different types of prawns all in one big melting pot of a meal. Our one night in Halong City, we lay in wait to see if it really is such a good idea to cook all of that in one pot of hopefully boiling hot miscellaneous broth. Luckily for us, it was so worth it.


The ginger and tomato in the broth made the meat, cabbage and tofu so flavourful and warmed our stomachs in the cold better than any heater (especially since there wasn’t one). The chicken and beef were good but nothing beat the prawns, clams and squid. I am a sucker for fresh seafood so travelling around Halong Bay and seeing the fisherman and the seafood farms and then getting to eat stars of the pot made me a very happy gal. Who knows if we cooked it right but damn it was good.

With the obscure directions of our guide, the cooking skills of 5 teenage travellers and many Hanoi Beers, it is a miracle we made it out alive.






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